Ranking of Travel Destinations for Golden Week 2016

Golden Week 2016 was from April 28th – May 8th. In this post, I will be introducing the most popular travel destinations during Golden Week.

This year’s Golden Week allowed up to 10 days off for some people so it was a great chance to travel somewhere.

So here is this year’s ranking of popular overseas and domestic destinations!


Nightfall and modern buildings

Overseas Travel Ranking

  1. Hawaii, USA
  2. Taipei, Taiwan
  3. Seoul, South Korea
  4. Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Guam




Hawaii continued it’s 4 year streak of number one!

May is a great time to go to Hawaii as it is just entering the dry season and you will definitely be able to feel that Hawaiian, tropical atmosphere.

2016 is an eventful year for the island of Oahu as several new hotels and shops are being opened. In April the Ritz Carlton Residence Waikiki Beach opened their first tower. In June, the Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina is being opened in the Ko Olina district.




Also, Ala Moana Shopping Center went through a big renovation at the end of 2015.  In August of this year, a branch of Saks Fifth Avenue is set to open! In the center of Waikiki, International Marketplace will also open, a big shopping center with 7 restaurants and 75 stores.

I agree with the Japanese on this choice as Hawaii is my favorite place in the world 🙂


Seoul & Taipei



This year’s Golden Week could be broken up into two sets of 3 day holidays.

People who were not given the day off in between, chose to go to the close by Taipei (ranked number 2) and Seoul (ranked number 3) for a shorter trip.




Tasty food, massages, shopping, etc. there is an endless amount of things to do in a short period in these bustling cities.

Being of Korean descent myself, I would recommend trying Korean fried chicken with beer and fried pork belly (samgyobsal) with the popular Korean cocktail called “so-mek”. This is made by adding a shot of soju to a glass of beer. I don’t know why but adding the soju makes the beer taste so good!



Growth in Reservations Ranking

This is a ranking of the travel destinations that saw the highest percent increase in reservations.

  1. Anaheim, California, USA
  2. Da Nang, Vietnam
  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. Orlando, Florida, USA
  5. Los Angeles, California, USA




Thanks to the reduction in the fuel surcharge since April, travel to destinations further away have sharply increased.

Anaheim, California had a whopping 650% increase in reservations compared to last year. This is mainly because of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebrations where new attractions were opened.





Tours to the Grand Canyon and other nature spots were also popular.




Golden Week is the perfect time to visit Da Nang as it is the best season.

Travelers are attracted by the beautiful beaches and low prices. Reservations rose 235% compared to last year.





There is a historic city called Hoi An which is perfect for a one day trip from Da Nang. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a nostalgic atmosphere. Every month, a lantern festival is held on the night of the full moon. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the lively festivities.


Domestic Travel Ranking

Here is the ranking of popular travel destinations within Japan.

  1. Okinawa
  2. Hokkaido
  3. Kyushu
  4. Shikoku
  5. Tohoku



The beautiful, ever popular Okinawa. The rainy season was projected to start earlier this year so it became more affordable to travel to Okinawa during Golden Week.


I recommend checking out Kouri Island located in the north. You can take the two kilometer long Kouri Bridge. It is almost like you are running directly on the emerald sea!



Thanks to the newly opened Hokkaido Shinkansen, it is now easier than ever to visit the northern parts of Japan. Areas like Hakodate, Sapporo and Furano are attracting visitors with the beautiful cherry blossoms.


There are many famous cherry blossom festivals in Hokkaido and you should definitely try and visit at least once in your lifetime.


So did you enjoy this peek into the Japanese’ favorite travel destinations? I think it provides a different kind of look into Japanese culture and one thing I realized is that the Japanese really love Disney.


Source: http://blog.like-world.com/archives/3553 (Japanese)



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