Sweets around the world

Are you a sweets lover? I personally can never resist some sweets, even after a heavy meal. It’s like I have a separate stomach…

In today’s blog, we will introduce sweets that are worth travelling across the world to eat, as voted by H.I.S. SNS’s followers.


1. Busan, South Korea – Strawberry Patbingsu




Patbingsu is a shaved ice dessert, served with toppings such as azuki beans, condensed milk or canned fruit.

Recently however, a popular way of making it is with heaps of fresh fruit and whipped cream or ice cream! The strawberry variety is overwhelmingly popular, and can be made even more delicious with extras such as mochi or cake.

Customer review: The fluffy ice melted as soon as it entered my mouth! Every time I look back at the photo I want to eat it again.

Customer’s recommended store: Snow ice “Sulbing” (37-2 Gwangbok-dong, Jung-gu, Busan). This the main store which is in Busan, but as it is a chain you can find it in Seoul and other places throughout the country. The Strawberry Patbingsu is a winter only menu to so be careful 🙂



2. Taipei, Taiwan – Mango Shaved Ice




I think our readers might have shaved ice on the mind as we are entering summer!! Taiwan is famous across the world for its shaved ice, even in my home country we have Taiwanese dessert restaurants popping everywhere.

They have a huge variety of flavors such as strawberry and coffee, but they couldn’t top the ever-popular mango.

Customer review: Nothing can beat shaved ice piled with fresh mango during mango season!

Customer’s recommended store: ICE MONSTER (No.297, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Taipei)



3. Honolulu, Hawaii – Pancakes




Whipped cream on pancakes is probably familiar to people all over the world.

The shop that sparked the pancake boom was Eggs ‘n Things in Hawaii, established in 1974.

The giant pile of whipped cream might look heavy, but it is actually famous for being light and fluffy!

Customer review: These pancakes can’t be faulted! I’ve never had such delicious pancakes in my life.

Customer’s recommended store: Eggs ‘n Things (343 Saratoga Road, Honolulu, Hawaii)



4. Vienna, Austria – Sachertorte (chocolate cake)




Sachertorte is probably the most famous chocolate cake in the world. It is a classical cake of Vienna, boasting a 175 year history.

It was originally created by apprentice chef Franz Sacher, from which the cake took its name. It is a chocolate flavored butter cake, coated with a layer of apricot jam on top and spread with velvety dark chocolate icing.

Customer review: The balance of the jam and the chocolate was perfect, and the whipped cream was a lovely addition without being overwhelming.

Customer’s recommended store: Hotel Sacher (Philharmonikerstrasse 4, Vienna 1010, Austria)



5. Paris, France – Mille-Feuille




Meaning “a thousand leaves” in French, mille-feuille is made from flaky pie-like pastry with layers of cream between them. It is then sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar.

Customer review: The pastry was crispy and the custard cream was delicious without being too sweet.

Customer’s recommended store: Cafe de la Paix (InterContinental Paris Le Grand – 5 Place de l’Opera – 75009 Paris)


6 7 8 9 10
6. New York, U.S.A – Cheesecake

Cheesecakes bearing the name “New York Cheesecake” are sold in many different countries throughout the world, but you have to go to New York itself to taste the authentic one!

In a New York Cheesecake, the portion of cream cheese is high. It is baked covered at a low temperature, protecting against evaporation and resulting in a rich, creamy cheesecake.

Customer’s recommended store: Junior’s (386 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11201)

7. Bruges, Belgium – Waffles

Belgian waffles can be divided into two types: the large, rectangular Brussels style which is made from a light dough and has a fluffy, crispy texture. Another type is the round, springy Liège style.

There are a variety of flavors from the simple, plain type to waffles covered with chocolate or cream.

Customer’s recommended store: Chez Albert (Breidelstraat 16、Bruges 8000, Belgium)

8. Honolulu, Hawaii – Malasada (round bread-like doughnuts)

Originally from Portugal, malasadas are a doughnut with a crunchy outside and fluffy inside.

They were popularized in Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants, and are thought of as a comfort food for Portuguese families in the U.S.

They are made fresh to order, allowing you to experience the ideal fluffiness and crispiness.

Customer’s recommended store: Leonard’s Bakery (933 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816)

9. Samobor, Croatia – Cremeschnitte (vanilla and cream slice)

Around 40 minutes by bus from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, Samobor is a small town near the border of Slovenia famous for the rustic cake Cremeschnitte.

Although you can buy it in cake shops in Zagreb too, in Samobor you can enjoy the freshly made, warm cakes.

Because they are so popular, the rotation of the cakes is very quick allowing you to enjoy them freshly made. The fluffy custard cream is very light and almost meringue-like!

Customer’s recommended store: U Prolazu (Trg Kralia Tomislava 5, 10430 Samobor)

10. Seoul, South Korea – Hotteok (filled pancake)

Hottoku is a round rice cake, made with a combination of glutinous rice flour and wheat flour, with sugar and cinnamon inside before being deep fried and served hot.

Although it has long popularity as a street food, recently new types have emerged such as with nuts or raisins inside, or corn flour being used in the batter.

Customer’s recommended store: Stalls in the market neighbourhood Insadong


Did you feel like you wanted to try some of these sweets? From modern to traditional, there is something to suit every palate.

Eating the delicious sweets of an area is an essential part of any trip!


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SNS ranking results: http://www.his-j.com/trend/suites/index.html?snid=lw_00_001378_i/


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