5 Colorful Places Around the World

If you love traveling and colorful things, this post is for you!

The locations in this post were introduced by Haruka Tajima, a travel photowriter. Within three weeks, she traveled around the world and discovered these colorful spots. I hope you can also visit them someday!

1. Agueda, Portugal



Every year in the months from July to August, an art festival is held in Agueda, Portugal. As part of the festival, hundreds of colorful umbrellas are hung over the streets.

Although the streets are narrow, they become chock full of people during this festival. Ms. Tajima stated that it had always been her dream to take a picture underneath these umbrellas while holding one of her own umbrellas. She will never forget this memory for the rest of her life.


2. Valparaiso, Chile



Located 120 kilometers northwest from Santiago, (a one and a half hour drive) is Valparaiso, a port town located in the center of Chile.

This town is flooded with art and is often referred to as “the blue sky art musuem”. Ms. Tajima I particularly liked this staircase painted to look like piano keys as she has been learning to play the piano since she was a child.



3. Riquewihr, France




Riquewihr is said to be one of the most beautiful villages in the Alsace region of France. Surrounded by vineyards and filled with old wooden buildings and colorful flowers, it is truly a charming place.

Although macarons is probably what most people think of when talking about French desserts, this region is the birthplace of the crown shaped “Kouglof” cake and cannot be missed.



4. Malacca City, Malaysia



Malacca City, the capital of the state of Malacca in Malaysia, is an ancient city and is also registered as a World Heritage Site.

The streets are overflowing not just with history but also with art. The art on the buildings portray many things, including the rich history of the city.


5. Cape Town, South Africa




This is a picture of a port city in a region of Cape Town called Bo-Kaap. Originally, this neighborhood was plain looking with dirt and buildings made from bricks.

However, after this colorful makeover, it is bursting with personality that no girl can resist. Ms. Tajima stated that it changed her image of Africa in a good way.

And that’s it for this list of colorful spots around the world. Does it make you want to immediately jump on a plane and take pictures for your Instagram?





Original in Japanese from Like-World


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