For Foodies!! (Sri Lankan cuisine)

Hello Foodies from all over the world,

Have you ever thought about spicy and delicious Sri Lankan food ? If not, now is the time to have a look.

This exotic island has very rich soil, which produce a lot of heavenly vegetables and fruits. Being an island it is rich with delicious seafood as well.

Header image – Sea food  © Anantara kalutara resort, Kalutara

Sri Lanka was once a colony of England, and before that it was a colony of the Netherlands and even before that it was a colony of Portugal. All these colonialists brought their cuisine with them to this beautiful land and they all formed an inspiration in Sri Lankan cuisine. Further neighboring Indian cuisine also has a great influence on Sri Lankan dishes.
So, once you are here, you can enjoy an extremely rich food culture, shaped for centuries with the help of various food cultures.

Here are few dishes you should try in Sri Lanka.


Traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry

amaya hills kandy
Image credit – ©Amaya Hills Hotel – Kandy

Rice and curry are the staple foods in Sri Lanka. With the help of some local spices and coconuts, each and every vegetable, fish and meat can be served as curries. And each of these curries have its own unique flavor. There are dry curries and gravy like curries, with spicy, sweet and sour flavors to match everyone`s taste buds.


Image credit – Lamprais ©Anantara peace haven Hotel, Tangalle


A Dutch influenced dish with rice and several curries, wrapped in banana leaves and baked in an oven.



image source



Kottu is made of stir fried shredded flat bread (Roti) with vegetables, meat or cheese. This is a super famous dish you can find in anywhere from street stalls to luxury hotel restaurants.


image source

Hoppers are a pan fried crispy bread based on fermented batter, made of rice flour and coconut milk. There are three kinds of hoppers : Plain hoppers (Milk hoppers), Egg hoppers and sweet hoppers. Egg hoppers are the best of all!

Some tropical fruits…

Rambutan  image source

Wood apple (heavenly deliciouse and one of my all time favourite!!!)    image source


Suagar Apple (Sweetly aromatic, smooth but slightly crunchy!! )  image source


See you next post!

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