Experience culture in Taiwan (Part 1)

Taiwan is well known as a foodie destination, but it also has a deep culture just waiting to be experienced.

Yue Xia Lao Ren helps you find love!

Xiahai Chenghuang Temple in Taipei is a shrine for the god of marriage and love, Yue Xia Lao Ren.

Around 7000 couples visit the shrine to every year to pray, in order for good fortune in their relationships.

First time visitors buy a gold paper and incense set for 50 NTD and and offerings set (lead, red string, happiness candy) for 260 NTD.


You can visit this temple any time of  day or night.


Gold paper and incense set


This charm is for people hoping to get married.


Buy souvenirs or enjoy street food at Shilin Night Market



The first floor focuses on games and souvenirs, and the second floor has miscellaneous goods


This looks like shaved ice, but it is actually sherbet!


There is a variety of food stalls in the basement. Many types of seafood are available, particularly fried and grilled.





A popular Taiwanese street food, Oyster Omelettes

Here you can watch the skillful cook flips the omelettes right in front of you. It is great to eat them freshly made!


Taiwan’s largest dried goods market, Dihua Street









There are many different kinds of freshly cooked foods. It was a little early for dinner, but the market was already bustling with locals.










There was a variety of dried fruit to buy, as well as luxury food items and Chinese medicines such as shark fin and abalone, and even edible bird’s nests.

For souvenirs and tea sets, pay a visit to Yongkang Street!


A green park in the center of the city



It was surprising and impressive to see such a lush park within such close reach of Taipei city!




Crispy outside, soft inside



Freshly cooked spring onion pancakes (蔥油餅). The tangy sauce and the sweetness of the onions is addictive.


Trying on a traditional New Year’s celebration hat

This shop sold ethnic clothing and Qipao, as well as various other goods.


Milk tea with tapioca pearls

I can never get sick of bubble tea! So cool and refreshing.



The name of this shop is 思慕昔, written in Chinese letters but pronounced like the English “smoothie”! As well as smoothies, they serve a variety of desserts. Pictured here is almond snow ice, served with strawberries, mango and kiwi fruit.

I hope these things to do in Taiwan were interesting and informative! In part 2, we will introduce art spots and miscellaneous goods, so stay tuned.




Original content in Japanese: Like-World



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