Experience culture in Taiwan (part 2)

In the second part of the Taiwan blog series, we will introduce places to walk around and buy various cute merchandise and art spots to visit.

Learn about the fashion in Taipei at this trendy area!


Trendy bookstore “VVG Something”


In the areas around Zhongxiao Dunhua station and Zhongxiao Shinsei stations, you can find a scattering of shops by popular lifestyle brand VVG.

Bookstore “VVG Something” particularly stands out, having been chosen as one of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world.

Rather than the top 10 popular books you might find at more mainstream bookstores, this place is great for finding rare items like photobooks.


Go on a treasure hunt at Jianguo Holiday Jade Market





Jianguo Holiday Jade Market opens every weekend underneath the Jianguo Overpass (Renai road to Jinan road).







You can buy already made jewellery, or stones and small items to make your own.




There is a lineup of antiques and semi-precious stones such as jade and quartz.




I’m not sure if it is real or fake, but I fell in love with this smiling horse figure. According to the shopkeeper, it was a gift to the king long ago.

Explore youth culture at Gongguan Night Market, near the prestigious Taiwan University





The best part of night markets would have to be the snacks sold at food stalls, known as “Xiaochi”.
These bite-sized dumplings were springy and filling.






Wandering around with snacks in one hand, I came across a magazine store.

Looking inside and visiting the fashion section, most of them were imported from Japan! Maybe Taiwan doesn’t have many original fashion magazines…?

Enjoy the greenery and art at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park





Right in the metropolitan Xinyi district where Taipei 101 skyscraper is located, in front of the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is this urban oasis.





In a large facility that was once a tobacco factory, galleries, restaurants and shops were opened.

It’s so expansive that even a whole day might not feel like enough!


Ornaments made of liquor bottles, in the entrance of one of the shops


Could you get a feeling for the different places to visit in Taiwan?

There are a huge number of unique stores and cafes all over Taipei. Why not stop by some of these spots in between eating delicious food?




Source: http://blog.like-world.com/archives/4206




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