5 Reasons to Travel U.S.A. by Campervan

Did you ever dream of going on holiday in a huge campervan when you were a kid? After becoming an adult, you might think that you don’t have the time or space to buy one…

But have you considered renting one for your own roadtrip?





In the United States, you can rent a campervan easily, and safely for a reasonable price.

In today’s blog post, we will introduce the 5 best things about travelling by campervan in the United States – as explained by staff in H.I.S. Head Office who actually went themselves!


1. Go where you want, when you want




When you have a campervan, you are completely free to take detours without worrying about where to sleep! This is perfect for people who make decisions spontaneously or don’t like the strict schedule of package tours.


2. Everyday life on the trip





The inside of the campervan has all you need to survive – beds, kitchen, shower,toilet.

Cooking with your family or friends and eating in the middle of nature, coffee time under the morning sun, or drinking under the night sky…it all tastes even better than usual!


3. Feeling like a character in a movie!?





Doesn’t the Western genre of movie bring up images of Arizona and Utah? You can drive to locations that appeared in movies such as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Route 66. As you’re free to travel to wherever you like, you can visit the locations of your own favorite movies.


4. Drive along looooong, never-ending roads!




As the United States is so spread out, there are roads that go on for hours in a straight line. In summer, you can experience this under the bright blue sky.


5. Experience the thrill of extreme cliffs





In order to keep the national parks in their natural state, there are no fences in front of the cliffs. You have to be careful not to take a wrong step…or you could fall 1km straight down! You can drive on scary roads inside the national park, a must-do for thrill seekers.


So why not take your family and friends to rent a campervan in the U.S.?



Source: http://blog.like-world.com/archives/5269


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