Not only mountains! 4 beautiful towns to explore in Switzerland

When you think of Switzerland, what kind of images come to mind?

The refreshing clear air, skiing or boarding across the Alps, or the spectacular scenery viewed from a swaying train…

Of course, you can experience all of these things.

However, by walking through the towns you can see another side of Switzerland.

In today’s blog, we will introduce to you some towns worth going out of your way to see.


1. St. Gallen





Previously a mercantile city, St. Gallen is a compact old town packed with attractions. The town’s small size makes it perfect for walking around.

In the merchant houses of the old town, you can see large bay windows which are a symbol of wealth, and iconic sculptures that suggest what kind of merchant conducted business there.

Walking through this old town feels like taking a trip back in time!






The biggest attraction in St. Gallen is its monastery, with history ranging back to the 8th century.

As the center of liberal arts in the Middle Ages, the prosperous monastery library has an estimate of 150,000 books and has been designated as a cultural World Heritage Site.



2. Bern





Although it is the de-facto capital and a large city, the streetscape in Bern is little changed from the Middle Ages.

Surrounded by the Aare River, the red stone roofed houses standing side by side exude a lovely atmosphere.






The clock tower at the center of the old town comes alive every day at 11:56 (just before midday) and becomes bustling with visitors coming to see it.

The arcade leading to the clock tower stretches out to 6km, the longest in Europe. In this neighborhood you can see the house where Einstein lived, and since it is covered you can walk comfortably even in rainy weather.



3. Interlaken





As well as being the location of Jungfrau, one of the top 3 summits in Switzerland, Interlaken is a shopper’s paradise with palace-like 5 star hotels, casinos and duty-free stores.

Like its name, meaning “between the lakes” suggests, the town of Interlaken is situated between two emerald green lakes. You can also see the beautiful town and lakes from the viewing platform at nearby Harder Klum.





It is approximately 10 minutes to the Harder Klum viewing point by cable car. Reaching 1322m above sea level, it is one of the most accessible places to view the various alps.

In days of good weather, you can even see the three peaks of Jungfrau.



4. Lucerne





Situated in the middle of Switzerland, Lucerne is an attractive lakeside city split by the picturesque Reuss River.

On one side of the river is the the new town, where there are futuristic buildings designed by internationally famous architects, while on the other side the old town retains a dignified, elegant atmosphere. It is interesting to experience the contrast between the two.





Connecting the new town and old town is the wooden Kapellbrücke (literally Chapel Bridge), constructed in the 13th century.

Although you can still cross it now, the bridge was originally built as part of the Musegg stronghold in order to protect the town.





There really are a lot of beautiful towns to walk through in Switzerland and I hope this article could give you a taste of what is has to offer.




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