Beaches and Nature at the Gold Coast

As an Australian, the Gold Coast brings up images of beautiful, endless beaches and sunny weather. It is a popular destination for school holiday trips, and I travelled there with my family quite a few times!




However, the Gold Coast has more to offer than just beaches, with a World Heritage forest and chances to see Australian animals.





In this article, I will introduce to you 3 activities in the Gold Coast which are perfect for a family trip.




1. Whale watching cruise from July to September





Between the months of July and September, you can see the majestic humpback whales travelling towards the cooler, southern waters.





The whales love to show off with jumps and tail flips! You can really feel the impact of these beautiful creatures when watching from sea level.

In the east coast of Australia, over 7000 humpback whales migrate every year for breeding, so 100% of the people who went on the cruise in 2015 could sight whales!

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see the mother whale with her child.

In particular, there are also dolphins living in the waters around the Gold Coast so you might be able to see dolphins as well.



2. Meet Australian animals! Fun for both kids and adults on a farm tour





Australia really is the place to see cute animals! No trip is complete without meeting koalas or kangaroos.

Paradise Country is an animal farm and petting zoo. This is a perfect opportunity to come in contact with native Australian wildlife, and for children to learn about farm animals.


You can see a huge variety of animals, from the native koalas and kangaroos, to alpacas, piglets and goats. At Paradise Country, you can take a photo with an alpaca, or feed milk to a lamb! This up-close animal experience is something you will never forget.




There are also shows to watch like sheep shearing and boomerang show, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.



3. Jewels of the forest: mysterious world of glow worms





Springbook National Park, located in the corner of the World Heritage site Gondwana Rainforest District, is located an hour’s drive south-west of the Gold Coast.





The caves, naturally formed from the force of the water falling down the mountain, is inhabited by glow worms.

The scene of the glow worms, called the “forest of jewels”, is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Depending on the weather and time of year, you can see view of the starry sky like the iconic Southern Cross and the Milky Way.







At the Gold Coast, you can experience the ocean, forest and animals!

I hope you consider visiting the Gold Coast, whether for the whales in winter or the beach in summer.



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