Top 10 Spots for Cat Lovers

You may of heard of “Cat Island” in Japan, where the cat population outnumbers the humans living there, but did you know about the other locations around the world where friendly cats roam the streets?

In this post I will introduce 10 locations across the world, perfect for anyone looking for cat spotting opportunities.




1. Malta Island, Malta





South of Italy, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the small island of Malta. The island is packed with history and culture spanning across 7000 years. It is also popular as a resort spot for its warm temperature. The human population is around 420,000, but the number of cats is almost double this! This started when a boat from Ancient Egypt, where cats are said to ward away evil spirits, brought cats to Malta.



Where to meet cats in Malta?

Around Ħaġar Qim Temple:



For some reason, there are a bunch of cats hanging out around Ħaġar Qim. If you’re in luck, you might see more than you can count on one hand!






Being an old fishing town, cats are right at home here! You can sometimes see them sleeping among the colorful boats.


2. Chefchaouen, Morocco





Chefchaouen is located deep within the Rif Mountains of Morocco in Northern Africa.

You can’t exactly say it is easily accessible, but this town receives great praise worldwide for its beauty and its unique blue toned buildings.

1 hour should be enough to walk around. In this small town you can often see cats roaming the blue streets!





The prophet Muhammad, who founded Islam, is said to have adored cats. Because of this, it is thought that cats are particularly popular among Muslims in this town.

There are a few different theories why the town is painted blue. Some say that it is because the color is thought to repel insects, while others say that it helps to feel cooler in the hot climate.


3. Dubrovnik, Croatia





This picturesque town has recently attracted attention for being the filming location of a popular TV series.

While exploring the maze of red-roofed houses, you can meet cats wandering around the streets. There are even cats on chairs in restaurants, or next to elderly people fishing.





Adorable cats flock to this port town in search of fresh fish. The cats in Dubrovnik are usually quite relaxed and used to people!


4. Mykonos, Greece





Mykonos, an island in the Aegean Sea, is a popular resort for honeymoons. The contrast of the white walls against the blue sea is almost like a picture book.

This beautiful town is also full of cats! You can see them throughout the town, relaxing on the roadside or basking in the sun.



5. Ruins of Ephesus, Turkey





From the capital of Istanbul, it is an approximately one hour flight to İzmir. From there, the Ephesus is a one hour drive. The Ruins of Ephesus are famous even within Turkey for its preserved state.

From the big stage to the Temple of Artemis, there is a myriad of things to see in the Ruins. This is not to mention the cute cats you can meet!

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6. Houtong, Taipei

Around 40-50 minutes by train from Taipei, this town has transformed from a simple mining town into a cat village.

As well as the friendly cats you can meet in the streets, there are also souvenir shops with cat themed goods.

The cats are fed and raised by the local people, so they are friendly and carefree.

7. Torre Argentina Square, Italy

In the old Rome town center, you can see the remains of temples from the Roman Republic Era and the location of the Theater of Pompey.

This square is also known as a sanctuary for cats!
This is because volunteers have set up a shelter for cats within the remains. There are over 250 cats hoping for foster parents or owners.

8. Bali, Indonesia

In Bali, where the predominate religion is Balinese Hinduism, cats are thought of as being messengers of the gods. It is believed that good fortune comes by displaying cat ornaments, which led to wooden cat carvings becoming a popular souvenir.

Although you might be more likely to meet stray dogs in the town than cats, you can meet slightly shy but cute cats around temples and restaurants.

9. Ernest Hemingway House, U.S.A.

In Key West, the southernmost point of Florida in the United States is the house where Ernest Hemingway wrote, now converted into a museum.

Hemingway inherited a number of 6 toed cats from the captain of a ship, calling them “cats that bring good luck”.

Currently, there are around 50 cats living around the house, around half of which have 6 toes on each paw.

10. Formentera, Spain

Formentera is an island in the Balearic Islands in Spain.

The island can be accessed by travelling around 6km south of Ibiza, known for club music, before taking a 30 minute ferry ride to this quiet Mediterranean paradise.

The clear water on this peaceful island is beautiful, as are the cats who settle here!



So, for any cat lovers out there, why not make a visit to some of these locations during your trip?



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