Feel the nature outskirt of bangkok

Last week end I had a chance to stay in a local B&B in Samut Songkarm, near Amphawa floating market.

The purpose of the trip is to see firefly along the Mae Klong river as I heard they are typically quite abundant in rainy season.

To Amphawa, you can take the mini van from Victory monument (80Baht per person). Look for Century the movie plaza and right next to it there’s the bus terminal.From Bangkok, it takes about 1.5 hours depending on traffic conditions.

We left Bangkok around 15.30. Rain is pouring as we approach Amphawa market. I was a bit worried that we might not be able to see the fireflies. However, according to our driver, they are more visible after the rain. We just need to wait out for the rain to stop.



-Our homestay by the river – 


the hut for 2
free space by the river
Mae Klong river
by sunset 


It’s so green compared to Bangkok. I can’t believe this place is just an hour away and only cost 500 baht per person (room + 2 meals included).  If you like to stay closer to the market, that’s also an option.

Dinner is served at 17.00-18.00. I was so looking forward to homemade meal and I wasn’t disappointed.


Dinner is served! 2 spicy and 2 not spicy dishes (portion for 2)


You can choose to have your dinner served at your hut or the free space too. But since it was raining as we arrived, we just had our meal in the cafeteria with other guests.

After sunset, we took the long tailed boat to Amphawa market. I have been to this market many times during the day but never seen it at night. The atmosphere is slightly different. Unfortunately, because of the rain, there weren’t that many vendors.


Welcome to Amphawa floating market! 
As we walk across the bridge
underneath these colorful umbrellas are the vendors 


As I have already had dinner, I didn’t feel like eating much. So basically I just walk around and enjoy the crowd. If you are hungry, there are many kind of food you can choose from thai noodle, seafood BBQ, pad thai etc.


seafood BBQ
fruit vendors 



And of course, shopping!!!



Amphawa market at night 


We spent an hour here before boarding the boat for firefly tour.

As expected, there are so many fireflies today. It looks like the whole tree are beaming light! I wish I could have taken photos or video to show you but everything I took was all dark.

You really need to see it to understand. It kinda does look like a tree with Christmas light but with a much smaller size of decoration light. Our guide explained that, fireflies will only stay on the mangrove apple tree (Ton Lampu) because they eat the juice from mangrove flowers. Also, they will only choose the tree that’s insect-free.

The tour takes about 1 hours and cost 700 baht for charter.


our room for the night, two twin bed with AC
Thai style breakfast, rice porridge with chrysanthemum tea


I had a great time and hope to visit this place again soon!



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