The Garden of Dinsor Palace, Bangkok

Perfect garden restaurant for your romantic date!

Last week, I had a chance to have dinner at the Garden of Dinsor Palace with a group of friends. I had such a wonderful time that I think I need to share about this place with you.


As the name suggested, this two storey building was once the palace, royal residence for Princess Ramphai Prapa 100 years ago. The property is still owned by the princess’s heirs and then later renovated into this beautiful garden restaurant.



Credit : The Garden of Dinsor Palace 


Prior to going there, I didn’t know that this place has been covered by many Thai medias. Just to name a few…


In Thai



In English



We arrived around 8PM. There are a few customers there and generally it was relaxing day. I imagined Friday or Saturday night will be more crowded.


The garden of Dinsor place <at night>
The headstone of the palace history


This land for the eventual building of the palace was granted by HM King Chulalongkorn, or King Rama V in 1904. The palace was built in C 1930, as a royal residence for her Royal Highness Princess Ramphai Prapa, a daughter of Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwonse. The son of his royal highness prince Bhanubandhuvongse Voradej, a son of His Majesty King Mongkut of Siam (the forth Thai king of the Chakrit Dynasty) .

The Royal Residence was named “Wang Dinsor” or “Dinsor” Palace. The garden of the palace has been preserved by the heir of her Royal Highness Princess Ramphai Prapa as a small testament of the palace and tranquility of old Siam.





We were greeted by a friendly staff who speak perfect English*. As I didn’t know what to order, so I asked for the recommendations. We ended up open a bottle of wine, ordered 2 kinds of salad, a pasta and pizza to share and recommended ribs BBQ full size.

** many staffs here can’t speak Thai. If you are Thai, please request for Thai speaking staffs.


Drink and salad


Aperitif :  a glass of red wine 
The garden cesar salad with soft boiled egg
Garden green Salad


– Main course –

Carbonara pasta 
Prosciutto and rocket pizza 
Espresso BBQ pork ribs 


– Dessert –


Oreo Cheese cake and coconut cake 


From our table, I can see 2 white peacocks outside. Unfortunately they were sounded asleep. I heard there are rabbits and white swan in the garden too. This garden seems enchanting I think I must come back again during the day, brunch maybe?

At the end of the meal, the main chef (sorry I didn’t get his name) came to say hi to us and asked if everything was okey. It was so nice of him.

Overall, I’m satisfied with quality of food, service and atmosphere. I would definitely come back and recommend this place for anyone.


The Garden of Dinsor Palace


Address:  1217/2 between Sukhumvit soi 59 and 61, Klongtan-nue, Wattana, 10110

Opening hours : 8.00-23.00

Website :



Reviewed by MONTHLY 

*Thank you M.Akemi for recommending this wonderful place to me! 


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