Where to get great food in Bangkok China town

I hope you are not bored with my Bangkok posts just yet. I still have a few weeks here and a few more posts to come!

Many people asked me, why go to China town when I’m in Bangkok? I prefer Thai food than Chinese. Let me tell you this, China town is one of the best place you can get great Thai food… or fair to say, Thai Chinese food?

Header photo : wikipedia

Many Thai dishes that are now popular in Thailand now were originally from Chinese dished. They are introduced by Chinese immigrant that came to Thailand hundreds of years ago. Just to name a few e.g. Jok (rice porridge), Salapao (bun), Khao Kha moo (rice with stew pork) etc.

These are parts of Thai culture and you probably won’t find it anywhere else.


– How to get there –

The best way is taking taxi but since the trafic is always heavy there, I would recommend that you walk from Subway Hua Lampong station. Assuming you don’t get lost along the way, it’s about 800 meters (10 mins walk)

We started our trip at Hua Lampong station or Bangkok Railway station which is operated by State Railway of Thailand. Do not confuse this with Subway station although they are connected.




Along the way, there are many interesting buildings built in Chinese influenced architecture. I am quite fascinated as many of them are in a very good conditions.





You will expect see some Chinese shrines in this area as well.






Blended in very nicely with Thai Buddhist temple.





There are many restaurants in this area you might wonder which one you should go in or which restaurant has the best food. I did quite a lot of experimenting myself. These 2 are the restaurant I could recommend.


“Odean noodle”


Odean noodle serves good crab noodle soup, wantan and fish maw soup. They also serve quite large variety of dimsum. Price ranged from 50 baht all the way to 500 baht.

I would recommend this place for lunch as it was cheap and you can eat quickly.







As you can see in the menu, the noodle with claws of crab is quite pricey. It could go up to 500 baht/bowl. The regular noodle soup with roasted pork is only 40 baht.

Below are my recommendation, crab wantan and noodle soup, kale with oyster sauce and the crispy fried wantan.





The broth was excellent, not too salty for my taste. The wantan was small but with quite a bit of meat but firm and tasty.

Crispy wantan is the recommendation on the menu. I quite like it so does my friend. It goes so well with the sweet plum sauce.

End this meal with dessert, ginkgo nut in longan syrup






Next on the list is “Huasenghong”.




This place is always so crowded it’s so hard to get seats during lunch/dinner time. Since it’s always crowded, I assumed that the food must be good so I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed!

From my experience, I would recommend that you go in and look for available table first. Tell shop staffs how many people but don’t count on them to get you seated. Once you find your table, call staffs and have them cleaned up. That’s how I did it.






Roasted duck looks so good… well everything look so good. I had a hard time choosing what I want. Since there are only 2 of us, we shouldn’t order more than 3 dishes otherwise we can’t finish them all.

Although if I can’t finish my meal, I can always ask them to pack for take out. That’s one great thing about Thailand. Awesome, isn’t it?

See what I ordered today.


Fresh coconut and crispy pork with rice
fried oyster (ok, you can’t see oyster but it’s underneath there somewhere)
shark fin soup and 3 kinds of seafood spicy salad
let me zoom in on the shark fin soup;P


Quite enough for 2 ppl

I didn’t have shark fin soup for so long I didn’t even remember how it tasted like. In China, most restaurants might not serve coriander with shark fin soup, but hello, this is Thailand. Every dish must contain coriander. If you don’t like it, no need to add to your dish.

Our bill was about 800 baht today. Not too bad I think.

If I have a chance to go there again, I would really love to try the casseroled shrimps with glass noodles and roasted duck. They look yummmmmm!


< MAP >

End my day with shopping in Yaowarat (China town) Market. Mostly all I did was window shopping as I didn’t really need anything. I was fun anyway. After all the best way to travel is to travel like a local, right?










That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoy my post. See you next time.



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