Bangkok’s hidden cafe

I found this little cafe by accident while on the way to work.

It was such a cool and cozy cafe. The “hidden” part. I didn’t make it up! It’s how the cafe is called, “Hor Hidden cafe”.


Cafe entrance
Just a few more steps


Hor Hidden is a new cafe opening a few years ago, located in Soi Ari 11 (map at the end of this blog).

The reason why it’s call hidden cafe is not only because of its narrow entrance make its look like a secret cafe but also because it’s intended to be a quiet “hidden” place for customers to spend time relax, reading book and enjoy good coffee.



very comfy sofa!
another corner of the cafe
order your drink here
Thai milk tea latte


It was still early in the afternoon so I only had a glass of milk tea latte. I heard many good things about this place. One day, I would love to come back here from dinner.


Hor Hidden cafe

Opening hours 10.00-22.30




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