Tropical fruits from Thailand *3

This will be my last post about tropical fruits from Thailand although I am sure there are many more fruits that I couldn’t mention here.

I’d like less known but not impossible to find fruits.


– Passion fruits  –

Passion fruit is native to south America. From the outside it looks purple-brownish. Inside is yellow with many small seeds.

It can be eaten both fresh and as juice. In Thailand I would see people cut passion fruits in cross-section and eat with some salt, sugar or honey (as it’s quite sour).


passion fruits 
cross section cut 


– Custard apple, sugar apple, soursop –


This fruit seems to have many names but they generally look similar. Green on the outside, white meat with a lot of black seeds.

Soursop seems to be popular in Singapore. Soursop beverages are quite common. In Thailand, sugar apple is more popular and mostly can be consumed fresh.


Home grown custard apple from my parent’s garden
meat is soft with little black seeds inside


This fruit is rarely imported to Japan because it’s so hard to keep safe during transportation (very very soft fruit unlike durian or watermelon).

Whenever I travel to south east asia or came back home to Thailand, I have a mission to search for this fruit and eat as much as possible.


Sugar apple 


-Rose apple – 


Although the name is apple but this rose apple bear no relationship with the classic apple we know of. This fruit is believed to be originated in South Asia but later gained popularity in south east asia.

Along with banana, rose apple is popular as backyard plant as it has high productivity and no special care needed. Mostly it’s eaten fresh with skin, very refreshing!




Rose apple has many health benefits due to its low sugar and high fiber. It’s also full of vitamin c and Lycopine.



–  Salak  – 


I have to confess, I have never had this fruit before in my life. Salak is a species of palm tree originated in Indonesia. The type that is commonly found in Thailand is red with some small spiny.

What does it taste like? I don’t know! I will try it the first opportunity I have and will update this post once again.

friends in Indonesia, have you tried? did you like it?

Salak fruit 


See you next post!



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