Best Photo Spots in Malta

What have you heard about Malta?

It is a small island country to the south of Italy, within the Mediterranean sea.

With one of the sunniest climates in Europe, the honey color stone houses contrast with the bright blue sky and sea.

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With its friendly people, an abundance of World Heritage sites, medieval buildings and delicious food, Malta has a diverse charm.


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In today’s article, we will introduce some of the most beautiful spots in Malta, as recommended by travel lover and staff member!

As she is always uploading beautiful photos to Instagram, we asked if she had any tricks of how to take great travel photos.

She responded, “I love cute sights, so I’m always walking around looking for them when I’m travelling. Most of my Instagram photos are taken on my phone, so I take care with the composition and light balance.”

And with that, let’s get to her recommendation of beautiful places in Malta!



1. Valletta


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Malta’s capital Valletta is a city full of heritage. Although there are a lot of people, the atmosphere and people living there are lovely.

In particular, it is impressive to view Valletta from one of the ferries crossing the bay from Sliema.

Also, the unique design of the Maltese buildings, with honey colored walls and bay windows, is a particular point to note.

People watching is interesting too, with residents dropping off baskets of breakfast or other goods from their windows, interacting with people on the street!


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2. Mdina


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Known as the “Silent City”, the ancient capital of Mdina is full of photogenic spots.

Passing through the gate to enter the city is like entering a different world.

Taking one step into the alley, the tranquility envelopes you like wandering into a labyrinth. It feels like being transported back into the middle ages!

This was‘s favorite city in Malta.


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3. Popeye Village, Anchor Bay


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This village is famous for being the setting of the live action film Popeye, and has since become an open-air museum and tourist attraction.

The colorful town and clear waters make it a beautiful scenic spot.

Some of the most impressive scenery can be seen by walking around 5 minutes past the village, to the opposite side of the cliff.

In summer, it is recommended to go to the bus stop Skrajda or Ghadira, and then wander around Mellieha Bay nearby.

The colorful patterned beach umbrellas spread out along the white sand are so cute!


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4. Blue Lagoon, Comino Island


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Comino island can be accessed from mainland Malta by boat.

With some of the clearest water in the Mediterranean, it really is beautiful.

The water is so clear that without the wind, the boats would look like they are floating in the air.

Although it can get crowded with visitors from around Europe, if you take the ship early in the morning, it is much more quiet and you can (almost…) have the Blue Lagoon all to yourself.


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5. Marsaxlokk


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Marsaxlokk is Malta’s largest fishing village, where you can see colorful fishing boats bobbing about.

It is famous for its delicious seafood, with our staff member thoroughly enjoying the seafood pasta she ate at lunch. There are lots of restaurants along the seaside, so you will not be at a loss for choice.

The colorful apartments and cutely decorated buildings make for some great photo opportunities, and it is enjoyable to walk through the market.

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6. One last thing!


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Malta is full of adorable cats! Apparently there are almost double as many cats as there are humans living there. It is said these were brought from Egypt during ancient times, as cats were thought to repel evil spirits.

There was even a cat picture on the wall of the hotel!


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You can read about other cat havens around the world here.


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I hope‘s pictures could help you feel the beauty of Malta!


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