Kawah Putih – the White Crater

During my summer holiday as a student I travelled to Indonesia, to visit my friend who lives in Jakarta.

According to her, Bandung is popular as a holiday spot for people there. So, she came with me to show me the attractions.

Today, I’ll introduce the volcanic crater Kawah Putih (white crater), which is located south-west of Bandung in West Java.

Although in my country we travel around on public transport or drive cars, something I found interesting in Indonesia is the popularity of private drivers. From Jakarta, the main city of Bandung is around a 3 hour drive and Kawah Putih is another 2 hours or so away.


At the road leading to the crater, they handed out some face masks. I wondered why at first.

Up the steps


When we arrived at the crater, I could understand why. We were hit with a sulphur smell. If you have been to natural mineral hot springs, you will know what I mean. It is a bit like rotten eggs.


It was worth it though to see the beautiful lake.

Lots of local tourists


I saw lots of local tourists who came to the site, but not many foreigners.


Local visitors


There were lots of opportunities to take pictures. My profile picture on Facebook is actually taken here!




The lake was opaque and a milky blue-green.


Blue-green water


This boulder had lots of markings on it. I think people were signing their names.


Markings on the rock


You can see that the sand is also a yellow colour. I think it is from mineral deposits that come from the water.



Overall the crater Kawah Putih was a highlight of my trip to the West Java area. I would highly recommend it to anyone travelling to this part of Indonesia!


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