Boeing Factory in Seattle, USA

What comes to your mind when thinking about the city of Seattle, Washington? Coffee? The Space Needle?


There is another charming point of Seattle that is not as widely known and that is the Boeing Factory where many of the airplanes flying through the sky are built. The factory is a popular tourist spot and is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records. The factory can have up to ten planes being worked on at the same time! It also boasts over 30,000 employees.


If you are a fan of airplanes and airports, there is another spot you must visit: the Seattle Museum of Flight. It is located 10 kilometers away from the center of Seattle and has on display around 50 full size models. You can even try riding a plane built for the president! There are also exhibitions on space travel and you can even try a space flight simulation.


This year is actually the 100th year anniversary of Boeing so special events are being held in commemoration. They are showing the history of Boeing in ten year increments and it is an exhibition that can be experienced with all five senses.


Summer is the perfect time to visit Seattle as the weather stays around 24 degrees Celsius and it does not rain much in the summer. Enjoy a cup of delicious Seattle coffee, attend sports events and visit the Boeing Factory for a great summer vacation.




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