5 Recommended spots in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a city located in eastern Australia. With a population of 2,000,000 it is the capital city of Queensland and is right behind Sydney and Melbourne as one of Australia’s top three cities.




Brisbane River runs through the center of this city. Modern skyscrapers are sprinkled among historical buildings giving it a charming rustic feeling. It is warm all year round and it has both a city and resort kind of feel!

Today, I will be introducing 5 spots in Brisbane that you can’t miss!



【1】 Best photo spots

The City Hall clock tower is a symbol of Brisbane located in the center of the city.





The Italian Renaissance style of the exterior and the mosaiced walls of the interior are very lovely. Every Monday-Friday there are free tours at 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30.





Until 1971, this place was used as center for electric trams. Once it was changed into a red brick building, it became a power house for art and culture.



【2】 Amazing Markets

<Eat Street Market>

A food market that is held in the evenings every Friday and Saturday.
Delicious smells waft from the stalls made from shipping containers.





From fish and chips to hearty meat dishes, there is street food from all over the world. There is also alcohol and juice bars and of course amazing desserts.




<Operating times>
Every Friday・Saturday 16:00~22:00 ※In the winter, also open every Sunday 10:00~15:00



<South Bank Market>




This spot is popular with the locals who live along the river.

There is a recreation center, white sand beach lagoon, walking/jogging paths and restaurants and a food court with a view of the river.

The South Bank Market is held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday here at the South Bank Parklands.





There are many stalls on display with beautiful handmade products. This spot is recommended for people looking for unique goods!




<Operating times>
Friday 17:00〜22:00、Saturday 10:00〜17:00、Sunday 9:00〜17:00

Southbank Night Markets

【3】 Koalas!!

<Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary>


Lone Pine Sanctuary was opened in 1927 making it the oldest koala sanctuary in the world.




There are about 130 koalas in this sanctuary and you won’t be able to help falling in love with them!♪

It is very popular to get your picture taken while holding a koala. It’s like a real life teddy bear!





There are also other animals such as kangaroos and wallabies which are free range.



【4】Activities in the river city overflowing with nature

<Kayak・Canoe・Board Experience>

Brisbane River has mangrove trees growing on the banks and runs through the center of the city.




Because of the warm subtropical climate and the flowing water, it is perfect for partaking in activities such as canoeing and kayaking.


<Story Bridge Climb>

Story Bridge could be called the symbol of Brisbane.



Built in 1940, it is 1072 meters long and 24 meters wide.

You are able to climb 80 meters to the top of Story Bridge! There are only three places in the world where you can have an experience like this.




The height is the same as a 22 floor building!
From the top, you can enjoy the panoramic views of Brisbane, the river and the surrounding mountains. It is really beautiful!

【5】 Moreton Island

Located a 75 minute speed boat ride from Brisbane, is the third largest sand island in the world, Moreton Island.


Tangalooma Island Resort and Wrecks



There are many activities you can enjoy on the island such as snorkeling and sand slipping. There are also very cute sea creatures such as dolphins, dugongs and whales!


Tangalooma Resort


So that’s it for today’s blog post. Lately, I have been really interested in Australia and hope I can visit sometime. I hope this blog will help other people who are interested in traveling to Australia!

See you next time~

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