Enter a fairy tale world in Paris, France

Paris, called the “city of love”, is also known for its picturesque streets and scenery. However many times you go there, there is always something new and magical to be discovered in this historical city.

I have been to Paris once before but only for a few days and I definitely feel like I only got a tiny sample of what Paris really has to offer.




Today, I will be introducing five picturesque, fairy tale spots around Paris recommended by Instagram user @XXCAOXX. @XXCAOXX is a contributor to the Instagram account run by H.I.S. for girls who love to travel. These spots are perfect for capturing your own fairy tale moments.


(1)Rue Crémieux


This street is becoming a popular spot for Instagrammers in Paris for the colorful houses, really giving it the feeling of being from a fairy tale. I love this picture with the contrasting colors of the macarons against the cute houses.


Here is a picture of the houses lined up. How amazing would it be to actually live here??

Address:Rue Crémieux, 75012 Paris

(2)Jardin du Luxembourg


A large park located on the left bank. You can enjoy the Luxembourg Palace along with the lush green nature. There are also many luxury stores nearby so you can come here to take a break after some shopping.


Address:13 Rue de Medicis- 75006 Paris



Located right next to the Louvre, this building was used as the royal palace. The photogenic cloister and garden make very good backdrops. You can relax here while drinking a cup of coffee and watching the Parisians take out their dogs on walks.


Address:6 rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris

(4)Île de la Cité & île Saint-Louis


Although almost every cafe in Paris is great, we would particularly recommend Île de la Cité and île Saint-Louis. You can tell how cute they are just from the exterior. They will truly give you the feeling of being in a fairy tale.


(5)Galerie Vivienne


Said to be the most beautiful passage in Paris. Since it is roofed and there are stores and restaurants, you can come here even on rainy days.


Address:4, Rue des Petits-Champs 75002 Paris

So what do you think? Don’t these yummy pictures want to make you hop on a plane to Paris right away?

For more pictures like these of other places, check out @XXCAOXX’s Instagram here.

Also, here is H.I.S.’s Instagram for girls who love to travel.

See you next time!



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