Must-Visit! The world’s most interesting castles

Through castles and palaces, you can understand the history and culture of a country. Today, we will introduce 8 castles carefully selected for their individuality.

1. Swallow’s Nest, Ukraine


On the Crimea Peninsula, jutting into the Black Sea, is the small castle Swallow’s Nest. The name “Swallow’s Nest” is reminiscent of the precarious location where it stands.

The views of the Black Sea from the castle cannot be matched, and the castle has recently become popular for its beautiful photo opportunities.

2. Castel del Monte, Italy


Standing in solitude in an elevated field in southern Italy, this castle from the middle ages uses several octagons in its design with the number 8 as a symbol throughout the grounds. For example, the octagonal courtyard, the 8 octagonal towers, the 8 mysterious rooms on the second floor.

The castle also utilizes the Golden Ratio in its design. The castle was loved by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, who was himself a mathematician, astronomer and scientist.

 3. Hohenzollern Castle, Germany


Approximately 60km from Stuttgart in south-western Germany is a conical mountain, on top of which Hohenzollern Castle stands. It is one of the top 3 castles in Germany, along with Neuschwanstein Castle and Heidelberg Castle.

The view from the castle of the surrounding scenery is beautiful, but there is nothing more fantastic than when it is surrounded by a sea of clouds. There is also a chapel which you can book for wedding ceremonies.

4. Amer Fort, India


This castle is in the town of Jaipur in north-western India. The outer walls of the town are painted pink, giving its nickname “pink city”. Amer Fort is a large scale castle in the outskirts of town, around 10km from the center. The beautiful mosaics inside the castle and the geometrical designs of the garden are of particular interest.


Although it’s possible to walk to the castle, you can also ride on an “elephant taxi”! Entering the castle grounds on an elephant’s back is a ride truly fit for a Maharaja!

5. The Kremlin, Russia


The Moscow Kremlin, commonly known as simply the Kremlin, is a palace from the historic Russian Empire. The word Kremlin means “fortress”. Although there were fortresses known as Kremlin in many cities in Russia in the Middle Ages, this one in Moscow is the most famous.

As the name “fortress” suggests, the grounds is surrounded by a massive 2.25km wall, and within the premise are buildings from the Imperial period like a palace and temple.


As for other sites in Moscow, St. Basil’s Cathedral comes to mind. The magnificent onion-shaped towers are completely built with bricks. This fairytale-like symbol of Moscow is also well worth visiting.


Thank you for reading!


From all these castles, you really can experience a country’s traditional culture. It is fascinating to imagine what kind of person lived there and what their life was like.




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