Couple’s Getaway in Lake Tekapo

Are you looking for a romantic trip with that special someone? Planning to propose soon?  Why not create that treasured memory in a place neither of you will ever forget?






Last year, H.I.S. Japan conducted a survey about places to travel as a couple or for honeymoon trips, and the number 1 result was Lake Tekapo in New Zealand.

What kind of place is Lake Tekapo?


Lake Tekapo is just like jumping into a scene from a picture book.

It is a small town on the southern of New Zealand, where the view of the night sky is on the cusp of becoming a World Heritage Site. This town was named by the International Dark Sky Association as the number 1 place in the world to view the stars!


As there are no large cities within 100km, the sky is nearly completely free of light pollution allowing you to see the entire sky.


Comments from couples who visited Lake Tekapo


K and U are a couple who joined a tour through Mount John University Observatory.

K: I brought my partner to the top of the observatory after having a star named after her. I then asked her again to marry me. She was overjoyed and I was too when I saw her reaction.

U: While observing the stars with K, he suddenly said “I have something to ask you” in a serious voice. It was then that he proposed for the second time. I felt so happy to be with him. He also gave me the naming rights of a star which was a wonderful surprise. This present will always remain in our memory. We could also take a commemorative photo at the peak of the mountain.


In addition to seeing the night sky as you never have before, it is a special experience to look for the star you named yourself. Unfortunately the weather on this day was not good, so they made the promise to come see it again.

U: Even though the sky was a bit cloudy, it was the most stars I had ever seen and they glittered beautifully. Until now, I had only looked at the stars casually so it was a wonderful experience to search for “our star”.

K: I heard from one of the locals that the residents of Tekapo avoid using lights at night in order to keep the clear view of the stars. I am looking forward to this view one day being named a World Heritage site. It was also enjoyable to look for the star we named. Due to the poor weather we couldn’t manage to find it, but we will definitely come back to see it.


On the bank of Lake Tekapo is the Church of the Good Shepherd, which is a perfect location for wedding ceremonies or even some peaceful reflection. The view of the milky blue lake is not to be missed.

U: I was so happy that we could have a wedding ceremony with K in front of the beautiful lake. The atmosphere of the church was warm and kind. We could even meet wild rabbits that don’t usually come out. It was almost like they were celebrating with us! It really was a once in a lifetime experience.

K: I’m glad we could have the ceremony in the relaxed, at-home environment. After making our vows, bells echoed through the entire church. At that time, I looked through the window at the majestic Lake Tekapo. I was really moved by this moment.


U: Viewing Lake Tekapo from the town really was beautiful. There was a promenade around the lake for a peaceful walk. We could also see some late blooming lupine flowers and some tiny birds chirping. We could really enjoy the calm atmosphere.


Although the weather for these two wasn’t forgiving the previous night, during the ceremony the sky cleared up! It was like the sky was celebrating with them. At nightfall, they will be able to see the stars much more clearly than the night before. I wonder if they will find the star they named tonight?

クレジット要_ -Maki-Yanagimachi-  EARTH-SKY

I hope I could convey the appeal and beauty in Lake Tekapo. It is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories with that special someone.




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