The Great Migration in Wild Africa

Among all migrations ever happened on planet Earth, one of the greatest and legendary migration is Africa’s Wild beast migration. Each year around 1.5 million wild beasts and 300,000 Zebras travel from Tanzania’s Serengeti national park to Kenya’s Masai Mara national park, searching for fresh grass and water. It is a tough journey and each year approximately 250,000 Wild beasts don’t make it to the end.



Life of all wild animals is depending on rainfall. In January and February rain hits the Serengeti national park, bringing lush green grass to life, making perfect conditions for the births of half a million calves. Births of calves receive lots of attention, especially from predators, making it an interesting time to visit .


Before long from the births, the grass starts to dry out, forcing the animals to move towards the northwest. After the mating season in the end of the May, they start to move towards Masai Mara in the north, in big herds, searching refuge for the dry season.

In July, herds crosses crocodile infected Grumeti river – the first real obstacle of the journey. If the plains receive a good rainfall, the river can be deep, and the crocodiles are likely to have a great feast.


Before they reach their destination, they have to go through another dangerous river crossing, and this time it is the Mara river. Even the time can change with the rainfall, the two river crossings are likely to happen between July to September and it is one of the greatest time to visit the lively Africa. Even the wild beasts take great risks to cross these rivers, they will spend no more than few days in Masai Mara, and start the return journey south, immediately.

Through Western Loliondo and Lobo, they return to Serengeti national park to enjoy the green grass and to have the calves at the beginning of the year. And then, the Journey begins again.

Best times to see the migration

  • February to March   – Southern Serengeti
  • July to September    – Northern Serengeti


For tour details (Japanese Only)

H.I.S Kenya   –

H.I.S Johannesburg –



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